Home Delivery - Takuulla kotiin™

Takuulla kotiin™ - our representatives are
your company's business card in your customer's hand.

We have developed a unique comprehensive service concept for bulky household furniture
for the delivery of sofas, cookers, refrigerators, and similar. We deliver to the desired destination, install the item and test it is in working condition.
  • We deliver products within a 2 hour time-frame, perform installation and clean up after ourselves.
  • We collect all the packaging materials and recycle them properly.
  • Old furniture and appliances are conveniently sent for recycling through us.
  • We deliver on working days and at the weekend.
  • We also deliver smaller packages such as mobile phones and vacuum cleaners.
  • We always deliver in an environmentally friendly manner, monitor quality and provide reports.

Takuulla kotiin™ - Our installation service assembles all household furniture,
installs and connects household appliances, as well as attaches flat screen TV's to the wall.