Our mission involves a strong commitment to responsible actions for the benefit of our environment and society

Continuous emission reduction
  • We always use new and appropriately sized vehicles.
  • We design our delivery routes to be as efficient as possible.
  • We have regular driving training days.
  • We register all idling and overspeeds.
  • To reduce particulate emissions we use advanced filters.

Promoting safety
  • We pay constant attention to the safety of pedestrians and drivers.
  • We use correct and properly maintained equipment in all of our locations
  • We train our staff to be vigilant and teach them the techniques for physical work.

Recycling orientation and reusable waste
  • We recycle discarded products and protective materials.
  • More than 99% of our collected waste is reused or recycled. We recycle
    among other things, cardboard, energy waste, wood, metal and electronics - on the road as well as
    in our offices. Refrigeration equipment has its own recycling procedures.
  • In offices, we have reduced paper waste by switching even more to the use of electronic

We conduct our environmental work closely with our business partners,
for which we have developed a wide range of monitoring tools.

We were the first delivery company in Finland to receive the EU's environmental certification EcoCompass.